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CYO—Sports and so much more...



Grades PreK-8

At OLPH, we offer a number of sports teams depending on the availability of volunteer coaches and enough youth interested in playing that sport. Sometimes we join with other schools to get enough student athletes for a team.

  • Basketball (PreK-12)

  • Cross Country (K-8)

  • Girls Volleyball  (grades 3-8, sometimes high school)

  • Co-ed Soccer (grades 1-8)

  • Football (Not in CYO)

  • Flag Football

  • Tee Ball (preK-1)

  • Baseball (grades 3-8)

  • Coach Pitch (grades 1-2)

  • Girls Softball (grades 3-8)

  • Track (grades 6-8)

  • Summer Run Club (pre-K–8)

“Catholic Youth Organization”, (1/31/2024).

CYO was organized to serve youth in “religious, recreational, cultural, and social needs.”

CYO is open to young people of any denomination that are affiliated with a Catholic parish in one way or another. It provides an opportunity for students to participate in team sports, which helps youth to develop an active and healthy life style, learn self-discipline and commitment, and learn how to be a part of a team. In the CYO they get to do that in a safe, faith-based, virtuous environment.

CYO sports teams always strive to do their best, but they also recognize that well-rounded youth have other pursuits like academics, music, or art that are also important to develop and will also take dedication and time.

Logo for CYO organization.

Click on the picture to sign-up for CYO sports.

Crest for the Diocese of Toledo

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Design from the stained glass windows at OLPH.
Design from the stained glass windows at OLPH.
Sprots graphic

Click on the picture to download the schedule.

Sports schedules are set early in the year. The attached schedule is set for 2023-24 winter sports. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the parish office and we will try to get back to on the next business day.

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