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Considering becoming Catholic?

A message from Fr. Tim Ferris, Pastor


Becoming Catholic is a big decision for anyone. We as Catholics do not believe in coercing anyone into the religion but, let me be clear, we also really would love for everyone to become Catholic. We do believe what we teach. When Jesus called his first disciples after his baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus did not jump in and send them off into the world all at once. He asked them, “What are you looking for?” (Jn 1:36, NAB) The disciples did not really know how to reply so they responded what they were familiar with, “Where are you staying?” (Jn 1:38, NAB). We all start with where we are and then go from there. For the first disciples, it was a three-year process. I promise you that becoming Catholic will probably not take that long here at OLPH unless you choose to make it that long.

There are different places where people start. Some have been looking to become Catholic for years. Others are just beginning. Then there are those who just want to become Catholic because their fiancé(e) is, or perhaps they are dating someone who is Catholic. There are so many scenarios. If anyone is in danger of dying, then we let go of all formality and I will be there as fast as my car will go. So don’t worry about missing out. We will do our best.


So where do you start? Start by talking with a priest. If you are not at that point yet, look for information that is available. Here are some suggestions for you.


The Coming Home Network is a Catholic organization that helps Protestant ministers become Catholic. Sometimes ministers discover years later that there is so much more to Catholicism than what they were taught. As a result, many are faced with the growing reality that they have to convert to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

Check out there website and podcasts and

The Vatican itself. If you are really interested in getting the information from the source itself, search the hundreds of online documents available starting with the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the latest Ecumenical Council, Vatican II. If you are interested in a particular topic, do a search. That website is

Then there are the challenges by certain denominations. Learn about the apologetical responses at Catholic Answers at

There is so much. Here are some additional sources for you.

Eternal World Television and Radio Network              

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops            

Catholic Encyclopedia and Early Church Fathers, etc.

Matt Fradd’s Pints with Aquinas which is long discussions

               and thorough debates.                                    

Catholic News Agency                                                    

National Catholic Register Newspaper (EWTN)           

The Church Militant News                                               


And more, and more, and . . .

Design from the stained glass windows at OLPH.
Design from the stained glass windows at OLPH.
Design from the stained glass windows at OLPH.
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