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Why Donate?

We all wonder when it comes to giving, does is really help? For any non-profit organization to survive, there has to be someone supporting it with generous financial gifts to underwrite the program. A Catholic parish is so much more than just a program. We are part of the mission or sending forth of Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity and God Himself. We are the greatest effort in history to build civilization. It involves all of us. 

  • GRATITUDE:  Give back what others have given to us.
  • GENEROSITY:  Help others in need who can not.
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  Help carry the mission forward.

Different Ways You Can Give

Click on the picture to go to our online giving site thru Our Sunday Visitor

Click on the picture to go to our online giving site thru Our Sunday Visitor

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Setup a giving plan to tithe or regularly help with the mission of the parish. Electronic/ACH giving is an electronic check done directly through the bank. You can setup recurring payments or make a single donations. By clicking on the picture, you can go to the OLPH account on the Our Sunday Visitor website to set up an account which will send a gift to OLPH to help keep our parish alive. ((Picture above is a link))

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Sometimes there are fund drives or special projects that occur in the parish or you are interested in pursuing with the approval of the pastor, bishop, or parish. These can be important to the life of the parish and the potential future of our community sometimes depends on these. Please contact the parish office at 419-382-5511 to discuss this.

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Some of us live past the age of 72 and are required to start spending money out of our IRA accounts or other such savings, otherwise we risk a tax penalty. If you have had this conversation with your financial advisor or accountant, consider giving that gift to God through your parish. Discuss this with your advisor and then the parish business manager to see how this gift to God may be completed.

Different Gift Funds include:

• Offertory

• Special Gifts – Unrestricted

• Memorials

• Roof Repair

• Bless A Blazer

• Christmas & Easter

• School Endowment

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