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Dear Parents:


We welcome all who are considering sending children to OLPH school whether Catholics or not. OLPH school is over 100 years old with a sought-after legacy as a closely-knit community which is here to academically, emotionally, and spiritually support not only your children but your family as well. Our school and parish environment is safe, kind, and rather like an oasis in the hectic modern world in which we live. It is a place for children to build a solid foundation on which to grow and develop to higher levels of accomplishment and success.


ACADEMIC           OLPH is not just here to recruit more students but send our graduates off to

                               other reputable educational high schools or academies. Most of our students

                               graduate and continue on in other private college preparatory programs.

                               Mediocrity is challenged in all of our students to achieve the fullest potential

                               with complete actualization in life.


CHARACTER        We know that being smart is not enough to make it in life. What is the benefit                                   of being smart if one does not live for the right reason? Children need to learn

                               that happiness in life is not found in winning all the time or making more

                               money. Happiness and fulfillment in life is doing and being for the right reason

                               under the right conditions, in the best proportion, and at the right time. We call

                               this justice in the classical terms and it is in this that every human being finds

                               fulfillment. We form that in our students.


SAFE                       As a primary reason of sending students to any private or parochial school,                                        safety is a main goal for not only the staff but the institution, church, and                                            parish as well. We want your children to have peaceful normal place to grow                                      up in. Those who are identified as bullies or overly aggressive are held                                                accountable. Not everyone is meant to attend OLPH.


FAMILY                  Schools should never take the place of the parents. Under Natural Law, the                                       parents are the first teachers of their children. OLPH is here to help as best we                                   can for parents to fulfill this highest duty in family life. Our school is something                                 of an extended family with others as well.


SCHOLARSHIPS    No student who wishes to attend OLPH with parental interest and needs

                                financial help will ever be turned away. We are a nonprofit organization which

                                welcomes students of many different financial backgrounds. Please inquire on

                                how we can financially help you and your family.


There are so many other things we offer such as music classes and lessons, sports, teaching aides, a learning center before and after school to help accelerate learning, psychological counseling for some, and on and on. We really have a great school here!


Please consider sending your children to OLPH for a well-rounded, safe, and solidly academic education.


Sincerely yours in Christ

through Mary,



Fr. Tim Ferris



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