Faculty and Parent Organization Contacts

Faculty Directory & Parent Organization Contacts



School Advisory Council
(Advises the Pastor and Principal in the executive functioning of the school)
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Parent Teacher Association
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 Fr. David Ritchie
 Mrs. Kari Bonnell
 Pastoral Associate for Religious Education  and School Administration
 Mr. Joshua Mocek
 School Secretary
 Mrs. Vicki Jagielski
 School Office Assistant
 Mrs. Elyse Stirton
 Attendance Officer, Clinic
 Ms. Pam Lester
 Preschool 3s
 Mrs. Cindy Wilczynski
 Preschool 4s
 Mrs. Sue Robertson
 Kindergarten A
 Mrs. Mary Morris
 Kindergarten B
 Mrs. Jamie Bauer
 1st Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Jill Eroh
 2nd Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Marcia Estep
 3rd Grade Teacher
 Ms. Nicole Dziengelewski
 4th Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Ann Friedberg
 5th Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Kelly Hammersmith
 Middle School Teacher (History, Language Arts)
 Mrs. Staci Morelli
 Middle School Teacher (Science, Honors Math)
 Mr. Jacob Jones
 Middle School Teacher (Language Arts, Honors Language Arts, Religion)
 Mrs. Nicole Susdorf
 Middle School Teacher (Math, Religion)
 Mrs. Jane Hunter
 Middle School Teacher (Language Arts, Religion, Intervention Specialist)
 Ms. Emma Starre
 Computer, Phys. Ed.
 Mrs. Amy Ashner
 Mrs. Brenda Waters
 K-5 Art
 Ms. Vanessa Duty
 Intervention Specialist
 Mrs. Melissa Kissner
 Lead Intervention Specialist
 Mrs. Monica Cordes
Spanish Teacher, Intervention Aid
 Mrs. Katherine McGookey